New Powered Equipment by Avro GSE


Baggage Tractors & More!

As part of our commitment to offer ground support equipment solutions designed to minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency,  we present our new line of powered equipment!

Modernize your fleet and streamline operations with any of the below Avro GSE equipment:  

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Several Avro GSE equipment models are electric, helping customers reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs. All of the equipment is specifically manufactured to withstand the harsh North American climate and comes with a 2-year warranty. But that's not all!

Suberb care meets exceptional value.

Avro Tracker Fleet Management System & Avro Care Managed Maintenance Program Included!

Not only is our Avro GSE equipment modern, lean, and green, but it is equipped with our Level 1 Avro Tracker Fleet Management System, and includes a 1-year Avro Care Managed Maintenance Program.

About Avro Tracker Fleet Management System:


AvroTrackerDiagramOptimize your GSE investment as you simplify the management of your fleet. Our airport ground support fleet management system can maximize operational efficiency and ensure safety compliance.

Level 1 Avro Tracker Benefits:
  • GPS Tracking
  • Impact sensing and notification
  • Hour meter data collection
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Cost of operations tracking
  • Preventative Maintenance Tracking
  • Fault code tracking and notification


Levels 2 & 3 Avro Tracker are optional enhancements to the basic program. 



About Avro Care Management Maintenance Program (up to 5 years of coverage):



Avro GSE monitors your equipment and manages your maintenance program. We help you maximize the performance, value and efficiency of your fleet.

How Avro Care Works:

  • Notification prior to scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Just-In-Time shipment of certified parts at a discounted price
  • Notification of equipment fault codes and parts replacement
  • Save money on parts, your labor performs the maintenance

1 Year subscription included with purchase. Term extensions are recommended.